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On this site, you will find empowering messages from Stacey herself, and the many groups of Non-Physical Teachers she channels.

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 Channeler, Psychic-Intuitive, Teacher, Public Speaker and....... Human Being 
"REMEMBER, MASTERS!" ~~ The Professors
"The (human) body has it's own consciousness and is highly intelligent in it's own right. It can 'think'. It's processing of thought occurs deep within the cellular structure. Your physical body is a very sophisticated computer, and holds within it's memory banks a complete catalog of everything experienced upon the Earth and everything experienced by your Earth--everything! With that said, it's no wonder why your body sometimes rebels against following the Essence of you into the higher vibrational realms (of planetary ascension). Whatever it's reactions in the past, they were always based upon cellular memories. But in this case, it has no memory to draw upon, for Humankind is experiencing this (ascending while still in body) for the first time! The body, exercising it's own thought based on old cellular memory, is experiencing trepidation and tries to hold you back by creating a scenario which makes your body tired and in need of rest. No, your body is not trying to be your 'enemy'. It is actually trying to protect you from what is unknown to it. It loves you, as you love it. Up until this point of NOW, your body was never allowed' to follow the Essence of you into the higher vibrational realms. It is merely running on old programming of staying behind after the Essence of you left it. And it is up to each of you, individually, to soothe your body's fears and give it permission to go with you" ~~ Hippocrates, as channeled by Stacey Kercheval
A Message from Hippocrates:

"Remembering How to Channel"

We are Source Energy. Limitless Beings, having the potential to create and connect with limitless sources of information. Most times though, we receive the information unconsciously through dreams and encodings (ie; repeating numbers et el). Or we rely upon the conscious channelings brought forth through others like Stacey.

What if we told you this thing we call, channeling, is something YOU can do too? And what if we told you it's as easy and as natural to you as breathing is? It's just simply a matter of remembering how to do it.

With that said, Stacey and the Professors are facilitating a new workshop, "Remembering How to Channel" to take place on Thursday, July 26, 2012, at 11:30am (EST).

Here's a sampling of what you can expect during our 90-120 minute workshop:

*A live channel with Stacey and the Professors, including Q & A

*Activation(s) that will assist you in fully opening to conscious channeling for yourself (and others too,if that is your desire)

There is a lot of information that will be covered that will help fill in the blanks for you, and set you on the road of being your own channel, or "translator of frequency". You will also have 24/7 access to the recording of the day's Webinar within a few hours of it's completion.

Please click here to register for our "Remembering How to Channel" Class.

Cost for this class is, $125 (USD)
August 1, 2012 @ 6pm(EDT)